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Alibaba Announces Plan to Launch Tmall Hong Kong

Alibaba Group Holding Limited (NYSE: BABA) has reported its plan to launch “Tmall Hong Kong, a new local business to consumer platform to support merchants and brands to serve local consumers through ecommerce.  The robust ecommerce experience is provided by Taobao Hong Kong as Tmall Hong Kong aims to support merchants to swiftly and efficiently setup stores and provide logistics and customer services directly to consumers in the market. 

Tmall Hong Kong has adopted a consumer to consumer model and will continue to serve Hong Kong consumers with products for small and medium sized merchants from mainland.  Tmall Hong Kong will present local and foreign brands that have gained prominence in the city to fully enhance product offerings to local consumers.  Tmall Hong Kong shall be available via the Taobao mobile APP in the future when consumers open the app and select the region, they may switch the interface to Tmall Hong Kong and browse the widge range of products available and enter brands Tmall Hong Kong stores to shop. 

“Shopping malls and offline shopping services are well-developed in Hong Kong,” said CK Chan, Head of Hong Kong and Macau, Tmall Taobao World. “However, there is huge untapped potential for e-commerce. Based on the vast client base accumulated in past years, Taobao Hong Kong can create synergy and complement Tmall Hong Kong, especially in bringing customer traffic to support brands and merchants on the new platform. We will also join hands with them to constantly improve the service, enrich the product selections and enhance the shopping experience of Hong Kong consumers.”

Tmall Hong Kong is open to local and foreign brands and businesses of all sizes to set up the stores. 

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