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All Points North Lodge Announces Amicable Resolution With Scott Disick

Colorado-based wellness and treatment provider, All Points North Lodge (APN Lodge), announced today it had amicably resolved its disagreements with Scott Disick.

“Behavioral health in this country still carries a stigma,” said Scott Disick. “That stigma is often the greatest barrier for people who want help. Both APN Lodge and I believe that everyone seeking help deserves that help free of disclosure or publicity. To that end, l have resolved all of my issues with APN Lodge and after an investigation do not believe that the facility was responsible for the leak of my personal information. I hope this experience encourages, rather than discourages, others from seeking the help they need.”

“Unfortunately, behavioral health care in this country still carries a stigma,” said Noah Nordheimer, CEO of All Points North Lodge. “That stigma is often the greatest barrier for people who want help. All of us have some form of trauma, grief, or depression. Life can be really hard. APN Lodge is a team and campus of professionals that are devoted to helping people have sustainable, positive lives. I don’t think we should shy away from the conversation of ‘how can I live a better life?’ or ‘how can I be a better me?’ We should applaud those who have that dialogue. Nobody should ever have to feel shame for wanting to improve their life, yet we still have this visceral reaction to any form of therapy. It is time for that to stop.”

About APN Lodge

All Points North Lodge is a personal development and wellness provider specializing in mental health, trauma, and addiction treatment. With a mountainside campus in Colorado and an exclusive app for virtual therapy and coaching, APN Lodge exists to help clients across the globe find their way forward.

Because every story is different, experts work with each onsite client to create a custom-curated treatment plan. Modalities may include cognitive behavioral therapy, EMDR, dialectical behavior therapy, psychodrama, breathwork, yoga, meditation, and adventure/experiential therapy. During this time, family members of clients meet virtually with their own APN therapist to guide and equip the entire family system. Tech-forward, the APN Concussion & Depression Center offers Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for TBI and various other conditions as well as Deep TMS for medication-resistant depression and OCD.

With a resort-style campus, APN Lodge boasts stunning suites, mountain views, a fitness center, spa services, indoor and outdoor pools, and activities like skiing, hiking, snowmobiling, and mountain biking – all as the backdrop to wellness and personal growth.

The exclusive APN Connection app allows clients to engage in therapy and coaching sessions as they transition out of their stay at the Lodge. These virtual sessions can also serve as the first steps for anyone looking for counseling, coaching, or treatment from the comfort of home.


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