Alphabet Following in Berkshire Hathaway’s Footsteps

Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) has ruled the roost when it came to the field and world of technology. The IT giant has been renowned for reframing the structural framework of many walks of life. Google made bank on one of the most unique and efficient forms of search engines that were ever produced. The company began with its IT DNA, and moved on to several forms of investments and business ventures. In the current day and age, Google is involved in virtually everything that is associated with science and technology. The company has also been successful in aiding the United States Department of Defense in mapping the world and the creation of autonomous technology.

The prodigal company

Google however, emerged as a larger player after forming a parent and holding company called Alphabet. The company is recent and was conceived a little over a couple of years ago. The company has held Google as a subsidiary holding, along with other business ventures and investments in the country. Google still remains the top grossing subsidiary amongst the entire business portfolio. It has recently embarked on a new venture that has more to do with the financial world and private investments.

Google’s parent company, Alphabet owns a business subsidiary called Google Capital, which deals in the financial markets which include equity finance, venture capitalist investment and various other forms of investment. This has drawn a lot of media and contemporary attention in the financial world. Many are quick to draw comparisons between Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway and Alphabet. Many of the financial speculators claim that Google is following the exact trend and format that Warren Buffet began a few decades ago. Berkshire Hathaway is a 350 billion dollar worth firm. While Alphabet still has a long way to go before being assessed at that scale, it has substantial claim to the fact.

Bust or boon

Alphabet has now begun investing actively in all forms of investments in various other companies. After the enlistment of Alphabet, many clients and traders have been scurrying for Alphabets stock, which has been posting major gains ever since the registration. This appreciation of financial value of the company has strongly encouraged Alphabet to add on to large investments into their company’s portfolio this year. However, many critics are skeptical of the potential success that Alphabet claims. Critics state that the same model espoused by Warren Buffet may not work for Alphabet.

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