Alphabet’s Waymo adds AutoNation to service Self Driving Fleet

The competition for the self driving vehicle industry is heating up. Automotive manufacturers and technology companies are beginning to team up together to develop the superior self driving technology.

Now, AutoNation has signed a multi-year contract deal to service Alphabet’s (NASDAQ: GOOGL) self driving division, Waymo, vehicle fleet.

AutoNation is America’s largest automotive retailer. Through its franchised stores, AutoNation USA and other AutoNation locations, the company will provide Waymo with Chrysler Pacifica hybrid vehicles for its self driving fleet. Eventually, AutoNation will expand with Waymo adding more brands.

Mike Jackson, Chairman, CEO and President, said, "We are excited to partner with Waymo, who is a leader of self-driving technology.  AutoNation remains uniquely positioned to lead our industry towards the future of mobility, due to our brand, exceptional service and maintenance capabilities, and commitment to innovation. AutoNation and Waymo are like minded in our joint mission to keep people safe whenever they are in a vehicle."

“Both companies have a shared vision of enhancing the in-car experience of our customers. With its compelling national footprint, modern facilities and trained technicians, AutoNation will help assure that Waymo vehicles are always in top condition as we bring fully self-driving cars to the public." said John Krafcik, Chief Executive Officer, Waymo.

Waymo already has partnerships with companies such as Avis, Lyft, Fiat Chrysler, and Intel.

Waymo’s partnership with Lyft and Intel is to expand upon the self driving technology. Especially with Intel, Waymo hopes to achieve level 4 or 5 autonomous driving. Level 5 autonomous driving will allow for the vehicle to not have key features such as a steering wheel and mirrors and have no human interaction.

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