Alternative Energy Expected to Rise in Value Despite Trump Administration

Although Donald Trump has stated that he is not an advocate for alternative energy sources, the alternative energy market has shown great promise for the future. Currently, clean energy has been on the rise, with even the most conservative states investing heavily in alternative power sources such as solar and wind power.
Donald Trump has made it known that he intends to end federal subsidies to clean energy programs, but it can not be denied that clean energy sources will be able to compete in price with fossil fuel. In the near future, when oil reserves begin to decline, renewable energy sources will only continue to rise in both value and price. Despite the Trump Administration’s best efforts, it is highly likley that they will be unable to stop the increase in demand for greater advances in the renewable energy department.
The main reason for the lack of focus in the renewable energy market was the previous high barrier to entry. Solar panels and wind energy were too expensive for the average homeowner to afford 20-30 years ago. However, with cheaper, newer, easier sources of solar power, coupled with the fact that many large corporations are advocating greater reliance on renewable energy, it is highly likley that alternative energy will soon overtake fossil fuel in value.

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