Amazon Acquires Doorbell Camera Startup Blink

mm, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) has acquired startup company Blink. Founded in 2014, the company specializes in home security cameras connected to the home’s Wi-Fi.

Prior to its acquisition, Blink was already operating business under Amazon’s e-Commerce site. The startup says it will continue to sell its products on

Blink is able to sell video cameras for homes at a very reasonable price compared to most recording devices. Although, Amazon has already manufactured its own home cameras, Blink offers a stronger security that allows homeowners to monitor package drop offs at their phone.

Blink also has significantly cheaper prices for its cameras compared to its competitors, and even the ones Amazon’s made. Blink sells its camera security system units at $99.

Users can check the monitoring screen to see if the mail carrier has dropped off the package as well as giving instructions on what to do with the package.

Blink’s Doorbells run on two AA lithium batteries that last the cameras up to two years before they’re needed to be replaced.

Amazon has been looking into ways to deliver its packages faster and safer to customers. The e-Commerce giant has looked into ways of leaving packages in trunks of vehicles and having Amazon deliverers access customers’ homes and leave the package inside.

Whether or not Amazon plans to integrate Blink’s technology into its delivery service or just have it under as an Amazon subsidiary, Blink will see significant growth under Amazon. But, Amazon may use Blink’s technology to ensure safety for its customers to increase customer satisfaction.

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