Amazon Adopts New Open Cloud Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) announced their new adoption of a popular open source technology called Kubernetes to further dominate the increased competition in the cloud computing business. This technology has built applications on public clouds which include big computer data centers that are taking over traditional customer owned computer systems. Companies such as Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle support Kubernetes which was originally developed by Google.

Following this technology announcement this year, 40,000 people attended Amazon’s Web Services’ annual conference in Las Vegas where the company revealed other features such as artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning as well as a marketing deal with the U.S. National Football League.

Kubernetes’ key advantages include their ability to run an application on any public cloud which include Google’s Cloud Platform and Microsoft’s Azure that makes it easier to migrate from one cloud vendor to another. The cloud computing business was first introduced back in 2006 that reached $4.6 billion in revenue on 42% year over year growth in the most recent quarter.

“This is an example of AWS looking outside of their own world in response to customer need,” said Joe Beda, one of the creators of Kubernetes and the chief technology officer of Heptio, a Seattle startup that builds software around Kubernetes technology.

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