Amazon Air Continues to Expand Aircraft Possibilities for Easier Delivery | Financial Buzz

Amazon Air Continues to Expand Aircraft Possibilities for Easier Delivery, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) will lease an additional 12 767-300 converted cargo aircraft to increase its fleet to over 80 aircrafts in its dedicated air cargo network.  This comes as no surprise as the company has pledged to adapt the changing needs of customers by investing in more ways to provide fast, free delivery.  The Boeing converted cargo aircrafts from Air Transport Services Group will join Amazon’s existing air network.  One of the 12 aircrafts have joined Amazon’s air cargo operations last month while the remaining 11 will be delivered in 2021. 

This comes at no better time as the coronavirus pandemic has hindered or halted most operations, including shipping internationally and domestically to some extent.  Amazon Air has played an imperative role during the COVID-19 outbreak by transporting essential PPE supplies for Amazon workers, health workers and relief organizations across the United States. 

“Amazon Air is critical to ensuring fast delivery for our customers – both in the current environment we are facing, and beyond,” said Sarah Rhoads, Vice President of Amazon Global Air. “During a time when so many of our customers rely on us to get what they need without leaving their homes, expanding our dedicated air network ensures we have the capacity to deliver what our customers want: great selection, low prices and fast shipping speeds.”

“We are proud to continue to evolve our partnership with Amazon to support the fast, free delivery for which they are famous,” said Rich Corrado, President and CEO of ATSG. “Our combined experience in the industry and access to a fleet of 767 cargo aircraft make us an ideal partner to support the growth of Amazon Air’s fleet.”