Amazon and employment generation, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) is showing other technology companies how to generate a lot of jobs in the sector. It has promised to add about 100,000 full time positions in the United States within the mid of 2008. People will be hired across all experience and skill levels. A majority of them will be placed at low paying positions. Their office will be at one of Amazon’s numerous fulfillment centers. The Seattle based company is building new fulfillment centers all over the United States, including in California, Texas, Florida and New Jersey. Jeff Bezos, the Chief Executive Officer of Amazon, in a statement sad that one of the guiding principals of the company is innovation. The latter has resulted in thousands of jobs being created in the United States.

Huge job growth

If Amazon is to be believed, all 100,000 jobs are only full time, and will provide competitive benefits and wages. Kelly Cheeseman, the spokeswoman of the company, said that the online retailer is proud of its work environment and its work culture. Stacy Mitchell, an expert in the retail industry, and who has co-authored a recent report on it, said that the company is directly responsible for about 149,000 jobs in the retail sector- much more than what it has claimed to have created.

Not rosy at all

Amazon has a number of complaints stacked against it when it comes to matter of employees. One example is that pilots which it contracted to deliver its packages as a part of its own transportation infrastructure conducted a strike in the latter part of 2016. The issue was a long festering labor dispute with the two airline partners of Amazon. The company exchanged strong words with the venerable The New York Times newspaper in the latter’s allegations of traumatic working conditions. According to the newspaper, Amazon management engaged in intimidatory tactics in the latter period of 2015.

Amazon’s job creation will help President-Elect Donald Trump to fulfill his rhetoric for the creation of jobs inside the US. This rise in employment will help a number of local economies and make an ideal PR for the Trump administration. Critics, however, say that this creation of jobs does not do anything to actually help the cause of American workers. This is specially applicable in case of retail, where employment is under attack by online companies like Amazon. The online retailer itself has a sordid labor history, pockmarked by lawsuits, tough work conditions and oppression by management. Lower wages are also an inimical factor.

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