Amazon Establishes Second Revolutionary Storefront | Financial Buzz

Amazon Establishes Second Revolutionary Storefront, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) opened its second Amazon Go store in New York. Following the opening of the first Amazon Go store in New York, located in Brookfield Place’s shopping center, the second location is on Park Avenue in Midtown Manhattan.

Amazon Go offers a wide selection of food, groceries, snacks and more, and does it all cashier-free. First, customers enter with an application linking a credit card or an Amazon account. They then grab what they want off the shelves and walk out. The store charges customers using sensors and cameras by tracking what they take with them when they leave. “New York really fits … what we’re looking for. It’s high density. … Lots of people on the go. It’s a great fit for us,” said Cameron Janes, Amazon’s Vice President of Physical Stores. The new location even offers a self-service kiosk, where customers can create their own coffee.

As convenient as cashier free shopping sounds, some critics believe cashier-free shopping discriminates against people without bank accounts or credit cards. This year, Philadelphia became the first city to ban cashless stores. Subsequently, New Jersey passed a statewide ban on cashless stores. In response, Amazon Go employees started assisting customers that wanted to pay by cash and Amazon plans to implement this in every Amazon Go location.