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Amazon Fashion Launches Feature for Customizable Clothing

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is starting a new service to help customers create and customize shirts tailored to their measurements.

Clothing may be one of the toughest items to purchase online but with the launch of the company’s new Amazon Fashion shop, named Made For You, users will be able to fit their t-shirts to their exact size and style preferences. The tailored t-shirts will be sold for USD25 and the service is available to anyone in the United States.

The virtual gadget allows customers to choose between two fabrics. Amazon asks users to insert their height, weight, body style and take two photos of themselves using the app in order to form a “virtual body double” shaped after the person and capture the perfect fit.

The company intends to expand the service in the near future to include a diversity of styles based on customer reviews. Furthermore, at the moment, there are only two body types to choose from – feminine and masculine – but Amazon plans to add additional options once it gathers more information. 

Amazon has slowly increased its fashion division. In September, the company launched Amazon Luxury Stores in an effort to reign in high-end customers. However many are skeptical about the transition. 

Zornitza Stefanova, founder and CEO of global luxury-shopping platform BSPK, has voiced her thoughts and believes high-end consumers crave a more personalized and memorable experience. 

“Amazon is optimized for mass [retail], it’s optimized for efficiency [and] the mindset and DNA of the company is reach,” she said.

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