Amazon’s New Instant Pickup Points, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) will be having multiple pickup points in the United States where shoppers can claim their items right after ordering. These “Instant Pickup” points were launched around college campuses, such as the University of California at Berkeley. Other locations include Los Angeles, Atlanta, Columbus, Ohio, and College Park, Maryland. The company plans to launch more sites by the end of the year including one in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood.

After consumers use the Amazon mobile app to order items, employees load the orders into lockers within 2 minutes and shoppers will receive bar codes to access them. This new program is targeted towards impulse purchases since buying fresh produce is hard to deliver online after the company acquired Whole Foods Market Inc. in June.

Before this instant pickup program, Amazon shoppers would have their orders delivered within an hour through the “Prime Now” program. Grocery orders would be delivered within 15 minutes through “AmazonFresh Pickup” and Amazon has also made 2-day shipping standard available in the United States. Instant Pickup prices could also be cheaper than those on the actual website.

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