Amazon to Hire 50,000 Workers

On Wednesday,, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) is hosting a huge job fair and plans to make thousands of job offers on the spot at almost a dozen U.S. warehouses. Full time jobs include 40,000 of the 50,000 packing, sorting, and shipping jobs and most of them will account for Amazon’s goal of adding 100,000 full time workers by the middle of next year. The warehouse jobs will provide competitive and decent wages and could also help build skills for workers.

One warehouse called “fulfillment centers” is located in Fall River, Massachusetts and is looking to hire more than 200 people, which adds to a workforce of about 1,500 workers. Employees will be focused on sorting, labeling, and shipping non sortable items which include big products such as car seats, grills, shovels, and surfboards. Other warehouse locations are focused on smaller products.

Job fair locations will take place at Amazon shipping sites such as Baltimore, Tennessee, Ohio, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Washington, New Jersey, Illinois, and Indiana. Wages will range from $11.50 an hour at the Tennessee site to $13.75 an hour at the Washington location. Part time positions will also be offered in Oklahoma City as well as Buffalo, New York.

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