Amazon Web Services and NHL to Display Advanced Stats During 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs | #site_titleAmazon Web Services and NHL to Display Advanced Stats During 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Amazon Web Services and NHL to Display Advanced Stats During 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) subsidiary, Amazon Web Services, Inc. and the National Hockey League reported that it will debut two new advanced analytics during the 2021 Stanley Cup Playoffs.  The new stats powered by AWS will appear as on-screen graphics and visualizations during the NHL games and provide fans a more detailed understanding of how their favorite players and teams perform during crucial moments. The shot analytics and save analytics will debut on Saturday May 15th, on the first day of the 2-21 Stanley Cup Playoffs and be used in the 2021-22 season. 

The new stats by AWS utilize cloud technologies such as serverless compute, media services and analytics to gather data from the ice in real time, and visual for fans as graphics appear on the broadcast.  NHL stats will illustrate player effectiveness on offense, goaltender’s defense during different phases of the game and the evolution of player performance over the course of a game with different block or shot opportunities.  “NHL fans are extremely tech savvy. They love the speed and skill of the sport and they crave more opportunities to understand and engage with the game and the players, and therefore, it’s important for us to use our data to deliver as many insights as possible,” said Dave Lehanski, Executive Vice President, NHL Business Development and Innovation. “AWS is the perfect partner for the NHL, helping us to aggregate our rich historical content and deliver real-time advanced analytics that will continue to transform the fan experience. The delivery of these stats will unlock opportunities for fans, along with players, coaches, and broadcasters, to see the game in new ways and to gain a deeper understanding of the strategic decisions made during a game.”

“We announced our partnership with the NHL earlier this year and already it’s bearing fruit with these advanced statistics for the Stanley Cup Playoffs,” said Rachel Thornton, Vice President, Worldwide Marketing at Amazon Web Services, Inc. “Working with the world’s leading sports leagues, we know that their fans love to dive deep into stats about their favorite players and teams. Hockey moves quickly, and hockey fans are hungry for greater insights into the game. Together, AWS and the NHL are providing audiences around the world the real-time context they need to better appreciate the tension and skill behind every play.”

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