Amazon Web Services Report General Availability of Contact Lens for Amazon Connect | Financial Buzz

Amazon Web Services Report General Availability of Contact Lens for Amazon Connect, Inc.’s (NASDAQ: AMZN) Amazon Web Services reported general availability of Contact Lens, a set of capabilities for Amazon Connect enabled by machine learning, that gives contact centers the ability to understand the sentiment, trends, and compliance of customer conversations to improve their experience and identify crucial feedback.  Amazon Connect is an easy to use cloud contact center service that helps companies deliver customer service at low cost.  GE Appliances, Intuit, Capital One, etc. utilize Amazon Connect to run their contact centers to scale thousands of agents. 

Contact Lens aid contact center users by providing fully managed machine learning-powered analytics within Amazon Connect without coding or machine learning experience required. 

“Amazon Connect has grown very quickly in its first few years as customers find it very attractive to use the same contact center technology (along with the high scale, strong performance, low cost, and embedded AI) that Amazon has used to scale in its first 25 years,” said Larry Augustin, Vice President Productivity Applications, AWS. “Contact Lens leverages various AWS capabilities—such as storage, transcription, natural language processing, and search—but stitches them together for customers into an easy-to-use contact analysis tool, all usable from the Amazon Connect user interface and with no machine learning or heavy programming required.”