American Airlines to Provide Satellite Wi-Fi

American Airlines (NASDAQ: AAL) has recently been in the news for a hallmark move in the sector. The commercial American airline has decided to go with a satellite internet service provider instead of the regular ground service providers that are used by most airlines across the world. The American airline company was in an intense battle with time to decide which ground internet service provider would be apt and could be used thoroughly for their in-flight internet service. The company was involved in several discussions with various internet providers to decide which one they could go with. However eventually the company opted for the satellite internet service. The new satellite internet service feature will be available on all new Boeing flights, which will be procured by American Airlines.

The new air-crafts that are going  to be procured by American Airlines will be functional early next year. The company has been very skeptical about most ground internet services, particularly due to the inefficiency that it might have to face during the flight. The basic internet provision is what the company had decided to offer their customers. Even though, the ground internet and communications companies were not available to offer that, the commercial airline company seemed to be willing to pay a little extra to get the right internet service for their customers.

The head of American Airlines decided that the satellite internet services would be the best option that would offer a perfect connection for entertainment and work purposes for all their respective passengers. It has been decided that this service will not be charged. American Airlines decided to make the unprecedented move especially after so many of their customers had been incessantly complaining about the in-flight internet services which dampened peoples experience during the journey. American Airlines claimed that in the age of information and technology they must go all out to provide the best internet facilities to their passengers.

Many people claim though, that the secondary reason for them to get rid of the on ground Internet service is that American Airlines also want to trade in the old planes for the new Boeing aircrafts. . While the company retires the older planes, there won’t be a pressing need to upgrade any of their flight internet systems. Other commercial air crafts will be put out of service by American Airlines by the end of this year.

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