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American Allied Iraqi Forces to Take Falluja

After over a decade of the American invasion of Iraq, there seems to be another invasion brewing. However, this time, the invasion of an Iraqi territory seems to be orchestrated with the help of the Iraqi defense forces, and not without them. The last time that America had invaded Iraq was in order to overthrow the military dictator, Saddam Hussein.

The premise for Saddam Hussein’s overthrow was claimed to be the production and dissemination of Weapons of Mass Destruction by the Iraqi government and defense forces. However, in retrospect the decision to do so was foolhardy and an insufferable amount of depravity in the region ensued.

A weak Iraqi control

Iraq has been under weak, albeit democratic rule for over a decade. The current Prime Minister of Iraq is Haider al-Abadi who seems to be ruling the country with the short staffed defense forces and immense help from American and British allied forces. Ever since Saddam Hussein’s ousting, the nation slipped into turmoil and gave rise to another menacing and more extreme terror group and outfit called the Islamic State, or ISIS. The Islamic State has been an active perpetrator of war crimes and terror in the region.

The Islamic State has been primarily made up of ex-bureaucrats and army personnel of the Ba’athist party which was led and controlled by Saddam Hussein. The party has now formed an Islamic nation under Sharia law to rule and govern the controlled regions in Iraq and Syria. The terrorist outfit has for a long time been a thorn in Iraq’s freedom and development.

The Islamic State has tried to control oil fields and support their existence through kidnappings and illegal weapons and drug trade. The Islamic States has been beaten back out of several areas several times by the allied forces, however, due to the feeble administrative power of the recent Iraqi democratic power, the government is not able to sustain and hold the territory.

The Iraqi offence

In light of recent events, the Iraqi forces have decided to invade and retake the province of Falluja which has existed in ISIS hands for a long time. The invasion will be assisted by the American allied forces. The Iraqi establishment has issued pamphlets by dropping them through planes, and have also appealed to the people in the area of Falluja to vacate the premise and make to safer ground.