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American and United Cancel Hong Kong Flights Amid Mandatory Crew COVID-19 Testing

Amid the news that upon arrival to Hong Kong, deep throat saliva COVID-19 testing will be forced upon crew members, several U.S. airlines have begun to cancel flights to the city. United Airlines (NASDAQ: UAL) and American Airlines (NASDAQ: AAL) are two that have canceled service to Hong Kong. 

American Airlines had previously planned to resume flights from Dallas to Hong Kong on Thursday but will now commence August 5. The airlines pilots’ labor union, the Allied Pilots Association said it was in the midst of discussing the matter with management.

“We’ve been making regular adjustments to our schedule to match demand, and we consider a range of factors including travel restrictions or entry requirements in making network decisions,” the airline said in a statement.

The new found restriction would entail crew members to receive testing once in Hong Kong and remaining hospitalized there if found to be positive for the virus. An imposition that threatens regular international flights from operating as usual. 

United Airlines decided to suspend service to and from Hong Kong through July 10. 

“We are currently assessing how this impacts our future operations,” the airline said Thursday in a statement.

Amid the economic downturn, the new condition is expected to further the financial crisis. United had already warned employees of possible furloughs as demand weakens. 

Although crew members are currently not mandated to a 14-day quarantine, Hong Kong is striving to control its outbreak. The city has been recognized for its efficiency and quick response to the pandemic. Nevertheless, as local cases rise, Hong Kong is enforcing new regulations.