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American Flood Coalition Applauds Unanimous Passage of Floridas Landmark Flood Resilience Legislation

The American Flood Coalition applauds the Florida Legislature’s unanimous passage today of the Always Ready bill, which will build foundational resilience against increased flooding and sea level rise across the State.

“As our country grapples with the reality of more frequent flooding and sea level rise, we must take bold and systematic action like this legislation does to understand increasing risk and invest in our communities,” said Melissa Roberts, Executive Director of the American Flood Coalition.

“This is a historic moment for Florida as one of the most flood-affected states, and this legislation is truly a model for the nation.”

The legislation, championed by House Speaker Chris Sprowls and introduced by Rep. Demi Busatta Cabrera (R-Coral Gables) in the House and Sen. Ray Rodrigues (R-Ft. Myers) in the State Senate, sets the foundation for a stronger, better prepared, more innovative Florida.

The Always Ready bill:

  • Develops the Statewide Flooding and SLR Resilience Plan, which will support local governments and communities on the frontlines of flooding with $100 million in the first year of the plan;
  • Establishes the Florida Flood Hub for Applied Research and Innovation in St. Petersburg, which will collect data and innovative practices from across the State. The Hub will be a model of statewide collaboration;
  • Conducts a Statewide Flood Vulnerability and Sea Level Rise Assessment to identify vulnerable areas, ensuring that resources and technical assistance flow to the communities impacted the most;
  • And creates regional resilience coalitions for community resilience planning, empowering local communities to respond more effectively to flooding and sea level rise.

“This legislation is a resounding message to our members across Florida that the State is listening and ready to lead,” said Alec Bogdanoff, Ph.D. “We applaud Speaker Sprowls, President Simpson, Representative Busatta Cabrera, Representative Bartleman, Senator Rodrigues, and the entire Florida Legislature for being champions of solutions to more frequent flooding and sea level rise. This legislation marks a new era for the State of Florida.”

About the American Flood Coalition

The American Flood Coalition is a nonpartisan group of cities, elected officials, military leaders, businesses, and civic groups that have come together to drive adaptation to the reality of higher seas, stronger storms, and more frequent flooding through national solutions that support flood-affected communities and protect our nation’s residents, economy, and military installations. The Coalition has over 200 members across 19 states. Cities, towns, elected officials, businesses, and local leaders wishing to join the American Flood Coalition or read more about the organization’s work can visit the Coalition’s website ( to find out more.


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