American Health Insurance System Being Reconsidered

The new Republican dominated Congress is reconsidering the rules caging the American health insurance system. They have a lot of work to do. The United States is saddled with a pricey healthcare network which fails to deliver results at low costs.

Big money, less benefit

It is no secret that Americans spend a much bigger amount of money compared to other comparable developed nations for the same healthcare provisions. The cost exceeds double the amount of money paid by Australians or Canadians. Further adding to the problem is that the system is inefficient. Life expectancy in the United States is lower as compared to countries like Spain, Japan and Israel. Described in numbers, the median American healthcare expenses per capita comes to $9,451. The life expectancy for men is 76.9 and for women 81.6. The numbers make the United States 25th and 27th in the world for life expectancy respectively.

Medical practices identify biomedical reasons for health problems. Providers of healthcare use medical tests and the description of symptoms by the patient to identify the cause of the health problem. After diagnosis, the problem area is prescribed the correct treatment. The US is keen on preventive care. This involves taking a number of precautions to protect one’s well being via a number of healthy practices. The latter includes daily exercise, routine screening for particular illnesses, sleep, public sanitation, immunizations and a number of other health promotion practices. Recovery is most efficient when healthcare is offered immediately after observing the injury or the illness. The chances of developing complications or other extreme health conditions are also decreased.

Levels of healthcare

The United States has a number of healthcare levels. The patient is admitted to a certain level depending on the nature and severity of the health problem or concern. The levels include Primary Care, Specialized Care, Urgent Care during after hours, Emergency care and Hospitalization.

In the United States, unlike nations whose citizens enjoy nationalized healthcare, all health services come with a fee. To put it simply, the least expensive method to be the recipient of premium quality healthcare is via a primary provider of healthcare. Healthcare costs increase incrementally from one level to another. The most expensive level is emergency care along with hospital care. Health insurance is compulsory for everyone-from students, middle aged to the elderly. It is essential for financial solvency.

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