Americans hold Trump and Democrats Responsible for Three Day Government Shutdown

Recently, the US government had shutdown following a failure by the Senate to make a decision about a proposed government funding bill that would fund the government right up until February 28, 2018. It is the first time the government has shut down since 2013. The government shutdown had an impact on numerous financial aspects.

The government shutdown was followed by an obvious blame game.

As of now it seems as though Americans have decided to go easy on the congressional Republicans. Instead, the Americans are holding the congressional Democrats and President Trump responsible for the government shutdown that lasted three whole days and was extended into the work week.

The shutdown ended only on Monday night.

Public opinion

According to a poll conducted by NBC, it was found that about thirty nine percent of the people who participated in the poll blamed the Democrats for the shutdown while thirty eight percent of the people blamed Trump for what happened. So far, both the Democrats and the President seem to be holding equal responsibility for what happened.

Out of the respondents, eighteen percent blamed the Republicans for the shut down.

The government funding bill was finally passed on Monday. The bill was a different stopgap measure as compared to one that was originally proposed.

The impasse stemmed when the Democrats unanimously voted against the government funding bill that was proposed originally. Frustration against the progress of legislation addressing the issues related with minor immigrants were what led the Democrats to take such an action.

Both the Republicans and the Democrats have tried to steer clear of the blame game in preparation for the midterm elections that will be taking place later this year.

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader has criticized the Democrats for rejecting the bill. Meanwhile the Republicans started sharing two words "Schumer Shutdown" on social media, Schumer being Chuck Schumer, the Senate Minority leader.

Meanwhile, Chuck Schumer is holding Trump responsible for not holding his ground when it came to the demands for the immigration deal.

The poll also included responses from independent. Interestingly, thirty one percent of the independents are of the opinion that Democrats are responsible and about forty eight percent of the independents hold Trump responsible for the government shutdown.

Among Democrats, about sixty two percent of the respondents blamed Trump while thirty three percent blame the Republicans. Surprisingly, about three percent of the Democrats seemed to think that their own party was responsible for the government shutdown.

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