Americans stay Neutral towards Election


Every citizen who has the power to vote must make sure that s/he uses that power as every single vote matters. With many people flummoxed as to who is the right person for the job, since there have been controversies galore, many have decided not to vote. Which is a shame, because at the end of the day every single vote adds up. It is one’s duty to a nation that has stood the test of time and will continue to grow today and in the years to come.

As both players battle it out for Congress they are doing their very best to outbid the other in the build up to 8 November 2016. Trump encouraged voters to capitalize on the buyer’s remorse angle and opt for the right candidate based on where they are going to live. This is a key business stroke that may impact many people living across state lines. Clinton is also encouraging voters to get up there and let the Democrats take back the senate to get down to business. Using many last fundraising schedules and highly packed performances by singers and many from the Hollywood fraternity, she is leaving no stone unturned.

As the heat rises up and with state politics being on the cards with both Clinton and Trump prompting the voters to think, and vote right, it is anyone’s guess as to who is going to lead the country. As president Obama faulted the FBI in the email controversy, which could not have come at a worse time, it kicked started the final leg of the campaign in getting voters to do their bit and cast a Democratic vote.

The vandalizing of the black church is something that neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton endorse. Racism has never been on the cards in any of their campaigns. Both Trump and Clinton have been taking potshots at each other during the election process. Given the fact that neither believed in shaking hands with the other after the final debate, the fact is that once in office, this will have to go on. May the best person win!

As the race ends, with swing states up for grabs for either of the parties the outcome can be a tossup. There are hardly clear winners here – some prefer Trump while others Clinton. It is anyone’s guess as to who will be the winner. Many of the polls state that Hillary is the key contender while others predict Donald may just surge ahead.

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