Amnesty Demand Israel Arms Embargo

London-headquartered Amnesty International has demanded an arms embargo to be imposed on Israel. The Non-Government Organization known for its human rights work cited Israeli forces engaging lethal force and punitive measures on non-threatening Palestinians who did not pose any immediate threat to the forces at that point in time. The Gaza strip has seen numerous clashes between the Palestinian protesters and the IDF.

Protesting against Israel

This is not the first time Amnesty has protested against Israel. In its annual report, the Non-Government Organization (NGO) stated that Tel Aviv has tortured and also killed Palestinian children. It alleged that the country has committed multiple unlawful killings. It has subjected Gaza's Arab populace to suffer excessive force and endure collective punishments.

Palestinians have congregated at Gaza border for a number of weeks now. They have come together with the aim to break the security fence. Protesters claim they simply want to go back to the original places from where they were uprooted many years before. The protests, now going on for the fifth consecutive week, was dubbed the “Great March of Return”. A statement brought out by Amnesty International said Israeli armed forces carried out with full intention a number of murderous attacks against the Gaza civilians. It has been reported that protesters were shot in the back. Magdalene Mugrabi, deputy director, North Africa and Middle East, said Israel has not heeded international condemnation. It has not repealed orders to shoot the unarmed protesters. Mugrabi further said the nature of injuries reported points to the fact that weapons used by Israeli soldiers are intended to cause harm. She continued that the Israeli military deliberately wants to injure protesters in a manner designed to induce disability in the target. Mugrabi pointed out that this is a war crime and violates Geneva Convention rules. Amnesty International has demanded that the world must respond to these attacks by imposing a watertight arms embargo on Israel.

Israeli response

Tel Aviv has also hit back. Moshe Kahlon, the Israeli Finance Minister, asked for the removal of tax breaks for Israeli donors of Amnesty International. Miki Zohar, the Likud MK, said that although Amnesty terms itself as a human rights organization, its behavior is almost always the opposite. He alleged that the organization constantly defames and persecutes IDF soldiers. He lamented that even after all this, the organization's tax benefit status gets renewed. This provides Amnesty the cover of what they are doing some sort of legal protection.

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