Analysts Are Optimistic on Johnson & Johnson’s Covid Vaccine

Analysts Are Optimistic on Johnson & Johnson’s Covid Vaccine

Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) is actively in a phase 3 clinical trial involving 45,000 participants for its one dose Covid-19 vaccine and analysts are optimistic on the end result. The company anticipates to have an outcome by the end of the month and hopes to gain regulatory approval shortly after.

At the moment, the three vaccines available for distribution, require two doses. Due to limited stock, governments are contemplating elongating the time between the two shots in order to deliver the first dose to as many people as possible. J&J’s one dose alternative is viewed as an important tool in battling the ongoing virus.  

If approved, Johnson & Johnson aims to deliver approximately 1 billion does before the end of 2021.

In an email, health care analyst Adam Barker at Shore Capital revealed that: “The J&J vaccine is more like the AstraZeneca vaccine, but it uses only one dose. So we know this approach works (viral-vector) and it targets the spike protein. We know that target works too. But, we’ll have to see what one dose does.”

Additionally, in a research note released last week by Morgan Stanley’s health care team, “unique elements and efficacy could surprise to the upside relative to AstraZeneca driving confidence in pandemic response and market recovery.”

Furthermore, due to J&J’s technology, the vaccine is anticipated to remain secure throughout a minimum of three months at normal refrigerated temperatures, meaning it does not depend upon additional support when relocated.