Angela Merkel to Promote Importance of Green Energy

Germany is one the leading nations on green energy, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel herself is one of the most prominent promotors of environmental causes. According to a German official, Angela Merkel, who recently took over the presidency of the Group of 20 nations, plans to use her leverage to challenge Donald Trump’s skepticism about the value of renewable energy.

According a Bloomberg report, the strategy is aimed at reducing the risk that Trump will upend work by Europe and the rest of the G-20 to rein advance the cause of low-pollution fuels. Instead of gathering G-20 energy ministers and risk disagreements on policy, Germany will seek to keep the political gatherings focused on areas where business is earning returns from wind and solar farms.

President elect Donald Trump’s first moves are not encouraging. His team just announced that Trump nominated Scott Pruitt, the attorney general of the oil and gas intensive state of Oklahoma, to head the Environmental Protection Agency.

Scott Pruitt has a history of advocating anti EPA rhetoric, saying “What concerns the states is the process, the procedures, the authority that the EPA is exerting that we think is entirely inconsistent with its constitutional and statutory authority,”

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