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Apple Hires Engineer who Led Tesla’s Car Interior Designs

Nobody but Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) employees know for certain about the Company’s plans to dive into the market of self-driving cars with its electric car project, Project Titan. The tech giant seems to be making the right moves to recruit people in order to be considered a major player. This includes recruiting former employees of the electric-car powerhouse Tesla such as executives Michael Schwekutsch, former head of electric powertrains, and Doug Field, former Senior VP of engineering.

Apple has lured over yet another big name from its potential rival with Steve MacManus, former Vice President of Engineering at Tesla, joining the Company. MacManus was responsible for engineering the interiors of Tesla vehicles and has also worked for other big companies in the automotive industry like Aston Martin (OTCMKTS: AMGDF), Jaguar, Bentley and Land Rover who is now a Senior Director at Apple. Apple recently acquired self-driving startup last month and the addition of Steve MacManus could be an indication that Apple intends to design its own vehicle in the future. I also could be that the Company intends to apply MacManus’ design skills to other Apple products.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) is considered one of the most valuable brands in the world with its technical innovations, minimalistic designs and creative advertisements. The Company currently has a market cap of about USD 955 Billion with over 500 retail stores and more than 132,000 employees. Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) is also considered one of the world’s most valuable brands with its technical innovations and designs as it leads the charge in electric vehicles and autonomous transportation. The Company has a market cap of around USD 46 Billion with over 45,000 employees.