Apple Lawsuit: most Apple products on Amazon are Counterfeit

Apple states that they have purchased Apple products labeled as genuine on and has found that almost 90 percent of them to be counterfeit. The chargers and cables labeled as genuine were found to be fake knockoffs.

This surprise was from a federal lawsuit filed by Apple against a New Jersey company on Monday as Apple stated there are counterfeit products sold on Amazon.

In the lawsuit, Apple stated that Mobile Star imprinted Apple logos on cables and chargers that “pose a significant risk of overheating, fire, and electrical shock.” These chargers and cables were being sold on Amazon as genuine Apple products.

Apple announced that it purchased the products on Amazon and said they were fake. Amazon has founded Mobile Star as the source seller. Amazon is not being charged, Mobile Star did not return a voicemail commenting on the situation.

Amazon’s representetives said, “Amazon has zero tolerance for the sale of counterfeits on our site.  We work closely with manufacturers and brands, and pursue wrongdoers aggressively.”

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