Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) Acquisition of the SnappyCam App Makes iPhone a Full-Feature Camera

Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) jumped into the New Year with an official confirmation of its acquisition of SnappyCam – Australian entrepreneur Dr. John Papandriopolous’ smartphone app for shooting high quality photos similar to those clicked by a full-featured camera.

Rumors were already circulating in the market about an impending acquisition – Papandriopoulo was believed to be in talks with several companies including the iPhone manufacturer. Speculations especially rose high when support website for the SnappyCam was taken down and all its social networking profiles sealed.

The app was also removed from Apple’s App Store – a classic symptom of acquisitions. Apple put an end to the rumors last Saturday evening by confirming its acquisition of the Australian smart-phone app to the Wall Street Journal.

More about the SnappyCam

The SnappyCam app uses Papandriopolous’ JPEG algorithm to function as good as full-feature burst shoot cameras. The app clicks high resolution photos at ultra fast speeds and can click up to 30 frames in a second. The $1 app allows allows users to click pictures in an aspect ratio of their choice and can zoom 6x.

Since its launch into the market, the app garnered widespread acclaim and positive reviews from industry experts. In a quick span of time, it sold over ten thousand copies and rose to the number one position in premium apps on the App Store. All major tech-giants were soon eying the app, looking to acquire the breakthrough technology that would allow their devices to take up to 30 full resolution photos a second. 

The latest iPhone already sports a camera featuring the burst mode. Users can capture up to 10 photographs in a second. The smart-phone giant also integrates a slow motion video technology to capture videos at 120 fps. Integrating the SnappyCam will turn iPhone 5 into a full-feature camera.

More about Dr. John Papandriopolous

John Papandriopolous is the founder and sole-employ of Snappy Labs – the company behind the SnappyCam app for smart-phones. The Australian entrepreneur holds a PhD in electrical engineering. A distinguished recipient of the 2007 Chancellor’s Prize for Excellence from the Melbourne University, Dr.  Papandriopolous had previously created an algorithm for his doctorate degree that increased broadband speeds to a maximum of 250 mbps in comparison to the top speed of 20 mbps phone lines deliver now.

Though other details of the acquisition remain to be seen, one thing we know for sure – the Australian entrepreneur is set to make a handsome amount out of the deal. Apple had  previously acquired Chomp from two entrepreneurs for a rather impressive 50 million USD and if history is any indication,  Dr. Papandriopolous is going to be awarded heavily for enabling the iPhone to take photos with a higher resolution and frame capture.

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