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Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) Answer to an Affordable Smartphone?

Over the years, the rivalry between Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone users and Android device (most notably Samsung) users has escalated. Apple has always offered only one smartphone option since the release of the first iPhone. The only option available to consumers was a bigger internal storage upgrade. The Android operating system, however, is widely available to many companies including Samsung, Motorola (NYSE: MSI), HTC, LG (NYSE: LPL), Sony (NYSE: SNE) and many more. There are a variety of phone options with the Android operating system presented to consumers, ranging from cost-efficient low end smart phones to expensive high-end ones. After many years of being in the mobile phone market, Apple finally answers back; sources say that Apple is unveiling the next iPhones on September 10th with a aggressive release date that will occur three days after its unveiling, on September 13th.

What is being unveiled?

It has been dubbed the “iPhone 5c.” There have been picture leaks of the new device showing a device extremely similar to the iPhone 5, but with a plastic build behind it instead of the usual all metal constructed frame. The iPhone 5c is expected to have a variety of options in colors as they have for their iPod devices. The device is expected to be priced to be free or $100 subsidized and $300 to $500 without. It is also rumoured that in unision with the iPhone 5C release, there will also be a 5S or 6, which falls into line with the traditional routine of releases from iPhone. A most notable difference circulating current news, is that iPhone, will be releasing a “Gold” version, to coincide with the black and white iPhones.

What does this mean for Apple?

The iPhone 5c is going to be competing against the low to mid-range Android devices that are already in the market. It gives an option to Apple consumers to buy a new Apple product at a lower price instead of resorting to buying dated iPhones. Apple may possibly change the market by finally offering an option to consumers at a competitive price. Apple has made aggressive moves like this in the past, where they priced their iPod devices at low/competitive price and have practically taken out all of its competition. The iPod became the brand name for the MP3 player. Can Apple possibly repeat history with this new iPhone?