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Apptopia: Disney+ Downloaded 22 Million Times Since Launch

According to app tracking company Apptopia, Walt Disney Co.’s (NYSE: DIS) Disney+ has been downloaded 22 million times since its release in November.  Previously in November, Disney announced that Disney+ had over 10 million signups after its first day of release.  Disney stated that it will not release official numbers until its next quarterly statement. Apptopia provides the most actionable mobile app data & insights in the industry. 

The Disney+ App at one point has ranked at the top in Google & Apple stores with an average of 9.5 million daily active mobile users!  Apptopia measures mobile app data via its analytics tool on over hundreds of thousands of apps, coupled with public information.  Some downloads may be by users that are only utilizing the 7-day free trial.  Verizon offers one-year free subscription for wireless subscribers with unlimited data plans, including new Fios TV customers. 

According to a report, Apptopia claimed that Disney+ has not affected mobile traffic to its rival streaming apps such as Amazon Prime Video and AT&T’s HBO.  Although on the launch of Disney+ Netflix did receive a small shortage of mobile traffic but resumed normal volume.  Apps such as Hulu and ESPN+ have benefited from bundling together with Disney+ as both have received new installs.  On its launch debut, Disney announced that the new video streaming service had “extraordinary consumer demand.”