Arconic CEO Dismissed

Arconic Inc. (NYSE: ARNC), is in the top four upward trending stocks of early April 17, rising to 7.5 percent, giving itself an edge, After the former CEO Klaus Klienfeld stepped down and good news considering that the company plans to lower gross debt by approximately $1 billion in 2017 which would lead to an increase on it return on assets, giving way to positive free cash flow, according to Bloomberg markets. 

As shareholders submit their white proxy card, voting on the future leadership of Arconic Inc, the Boards’ clear plan for continued success as well as increasing TSR or total shareholder return involves a positive future outlook. In fact, if one held stock from the first trading day on November 1, 2016 until now, the shares  produced a return of a whopping 57%, To put this figure into perspective that is better than that of both the S&P 500 industrials index and the S7P 500 Aerospace & defense index had in the same timeframe.

Arconic is a leader in material science with upwards of 2,000 pending and granted patents, their innovation driven company is surely working to push their industry standards to astronomical levels. They have a track record of “Eights” Through eight years of business, Arconic has created $8 billion of shareholder value.

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