Arizona Virtual Academy Begins 15th School Year on August 8

Students at Arizona
Virtual Academy (AZVA), an accredited, online public charter school,
will begin the 2018-19 school year on August 8 as the school begins its
15th year of operation. AZVA is open to students statewide in
kindergarten through 12th grade.

Combining innovative technology with a rigorous curriculum led by
state-certified teachers, AZVA provides each student with a personalized
learning experience. Students take a full course load across the core
subjects of English/language arts, math, science and history, as well as
world languages, art music and electives. Advanced Placement®
courses are available at the high school level.

Eligible students also have the opportunity for concurrent enrollment,
which allows them to earn college credit while still enrolled in high
school, at no cost to the family.

AZVA will launch the RISE program (Reaching Intellectual Success &
Excellence) for profoundly gifted students in 2018-19. Eligible students
in grades 3-8 will learn under the instruction of a gifted-certified
teacher and will be provided opportunities for acceleration in areas of
exceptional strength, and the ability to go deeper and wider in their
understanding of the world around them. RISE students will engage with
similarly gifted peers through live class discussions, projects and
virtual collaborative learning.

“Gifted students shouldn’t just be given more work, they should be given
different, meaningful work that will encourage them to delve deeper into
their scope of understanding of the material and to explore the world in
a new way,” said Dr. Kelly Van Sande, head of school at Arizona Virtual
Academy. “The RISE program will encourage our students to exercise
creativity and higher-level thinking while exploring interesting topics
and concepts.”

AZVA also offers a blended learning program, combining online courses
with in-person instruction and support. There are three blended learning
centers located in the Phoenix Metro area, as well as one each in
Kingman and Tucson, and feature on-site support, student enrichment and
socialization opportunities.

Students enroll in online school for a variety of reasons, including
advanced learning, a bullying-free environment, and the ability to
balance their education with extracurricular pursuits or medical needs.

AZVA’s state-certified teachers facilitate lessons during live,
interactive online classes. In addition, the dedicated teachers interact
with students and families via phone, email, web-based classrooms and
online discussions, building close partnerships with parents and
students to support academic success. The online platform enables
students to enjoy a safe learning environment while connecting with
classmates and teachers from across the state.

Throughout the school year, AZVA builds a sense of community through
in-person field trips, community service opportunities and social
outings. AZVA celebrates the end of the school year with an in-person
prom and honors graduating seniors with an in-person commencement
ceremony in the spring.

AZVA is still accepting enrollments for this fall. Interested families
are encouraged to attend online or in-person information sessions hosted
by the school. To learn more, visit
or download the K12
enrollment app for iOS and Android devices.

About Arizona Virtual Academy

Arizona Virtual Academy (AZVA) is an accredited, full-time online public
charter school that serves Arizona students in kindergarten through 12th
grade. As part of the Arizona public school system, AZVA is
tuition-free, giving parents and families the choice to access the
curriculum provided by K12 Inc. (NYSE: LRN), the nation’s leading
provider of K-12 proprietary curriculum and online education programs.
For more information about AZVA, visit

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