Arkansas plans to conduct series of Executions


Arkansas plans to begin a series of executions on Monday even though state and federal court rulings have temporarily halted the lethal injections of eight death row inmates.  The judge issued orders that barred the state from executing said injections. 

Two executions are planned for Monday night where Don Davis and Bruce Ward have spent over 20 years on death row.  The state of Arkansas has not held an execution in the last 12 years but plan to execute eight over the next 11 days. 

One of the drugs involved in the lethal injection mix, midazolam, will expire at the end of April.  Many want the executions rush as midazolam is hard to obtain, although critics feel that rushing these individuals to the death chamber is reckless and unconstitutional. 

Executions are to begin 7pm ET at the state’s Cummins Unit in Grady, a small town southeast of the state capital. 

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