As we await the final American Healthcare Act vote, the Media omits concern

With the American Health Care Act pending a vote in the Senate after receiving not one Democratic vote in the house, Republicans are intent on moving forward with this legislation on their own. Liberals, per the usual, are finding no shortage of issues with the AHCA with that fine-toothed comb they seemed all too happy to cast aside as the ACA was up for debate.

The moral dilemma posed by the Federal Government in interfering with healthcare and the free market is ever present and evermore ignored by the left. When a piece of legislation, not intended by the founding fathers, causes so much turmoil by a simple repeal; we know that the legislation had no business being passed in the first place. President Obama managed to pitch Americans on his plan for universal healthcare without explaining how and why health insurance works in the first place.

Americans love to hear the word “FREE” as if history has not shown that nothing in this world is, in fact, free. Yes, medical prices are far too high and price gouging is at a ridiculous rate. People in need of medical care do not deserve to be denied medical attention. These are issues that the free market was designed to help solve.

So let’s deal with the REAL:

  • American Regulation drives up prices:

America is among the most regulated countries in the world. In 1962, President John F. Kennedy outlined the Consumer Bill of Rights, later expanded by the United Nations from four to eight individual rights. Americans have grown accustomed to the federal government stepping in and protecting them as if they were some lost puppy in need of proper direction. This protection, much like extortion, comes at a cost. These regulations, commercially, require funds allocated toward their implementation and compliance. As businesses receive their funds for operating from the customers they operate for, these extra expenses are then tossed upon the American people. Prices go up.

  • Just the fact that Insurance exists drives up medical costs:

The principle of Supply and Demand has been the driving force of American capitalism since the 18th century. The more consumers demand a good, the higher the price will be. With the advent of health insurance and, in essence, having financial backers investing in your good health, people who were less willing to go to the hospital or see a doctor will be much less hesitant to go if they know they have insurance to take care of them (and let’s not forget about the newly empowered hypochondriac). More people going to the hospital leads to an influx of people seeking medical attention. Why lower the prices if people, with these financial backers, can afford them? But the idea is EVERYONE should have insurance. Insurance is not the problem here, American greed is.

  • America has forgotten their purpose

America was founded on the principle of freedom and entrusting their futures are better left in their own hands. Government was there solely to ensure the protection of these freedoms in order for us to go out and secure our own happiness. That is why Thomas Jefferson stated the right to “Life, Liberty and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS”; he understood that the only true happiness is that which man brings himself. Some people, will never be happy.

While the AHCA is full of holes, as with the ACA, we seemed to have forgotten that this was never the federal governments place to begin with and can’t see past our own party lines. People will not stop caring for people just because the government doesn’t throw misappropriated funds at a cause. We, as JFK said in his inaugural speech, we must, “Ask His blessing and His help, but know that here on earth, God’s work must truly be our own.”

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