Asia Investors Bet on Clinton Win

Futures ripped high during the morning of Columbus Day after many investors priced in on Hillary Clinton’s win during the second of three United States Presidential debates with Republican Party nominee, Donald Trump.

In Asia, majority of Investors were betting that Clinton will win the United States presidential race after the 2/3 debates with Donald Trump. Some, though remain alert, saying there was still a chance of a surprise that Trump will win. They said many in the markets were suspicious after being burned by the shock Brexit vote.

According to Reuters, the debate quickly turned into a rancorous discussion of a video that resurfaced from 2005 in which Trump was caught using vulgar language and talking about groping women. The controversy has caused some senior Republicans to withdraw their support for him.

“For those that think that Trump has a very, very low chance of winning the U.S. elections it might be a good time to go long on global equities,” said Itay Tuchman, Citi’s head of markets for Australia and New Zealand.

According to a CNN online poll, Clinton won the debate by 57 percent to 34 percent.

Head of Asian equities at Old Mutual Global Investors in Hong Kong, Josh Crabb said he is wary of such polls – especially after Brexit.

“The way that mainstream media, and a lot of commentators, interpret the outcome of the debate may be different to what the voting public in general takes away,” Crabb said. “That is a concern because often, a lot of these polls have not been quite as accurate as people are expecting.”

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