Australia and Barack Obama Summit Refugee Pledge

Malcolm Turnbull, the Australian Prime Minister, has come under considerable pressure on world stage with a number of countries urging the continent nation to take effective action on migrant crisis. The country has won an invitation to be present at a refugee summit to be hosted by United States President Barack Obama. Australia is all set to attend the September 20 Leaders’ Summit on Refugees event. This function will be held at the sidelines of the General Assembly at the United Nations. President Obama is expected to urge nations to take more refugees and increase the humanitarian funding.

Embarassment avoided

Even a few hours ago, there was no surety about Australia being asked to attend this event. The invitation thus sidesteps an embarassment for the Turnbull led Australian Government. If the country was not invited, there would be criticism that it is on the brink of pariah status thanks to its unforgiving asylum seeker policies. It can be safely assumed that the Prime Minister will accept the invitation, along with Peter Dutton and Julie Bishop, Immigration Minister and Foreign Minister respectively.

This invitation is extended at a time when the Manus Island and Nauru detention centers of Australia clearly appears to be unsustainable. The summit offers the Australian Government a chance to locate a third nation where the offshore refugees will be settled. It is expected that the country will bring new and significant promises to the table so that migrant crisis is a little alleviated. An United States embassy in Canberra has announced that nations which hosts greater number of refugees will be invited  if they adopt policy changes of permitting refugees to attend school and also do legal work. Nations can also receive a invite based on significant and new increases in the financing of humanitarian causes and also admissions or resettlement programs.

Refugee intake

The spokeswoman did not say whether the refugee intake of Australia, counted to be 18,750 within 2018 or 2019, could be considered as significant. The country is slated to accept about 12,000 individuals who have escaped the conflict in Syria.

Public opinion about refugees in Australia also points to the mood in the populace. The Wentworth electorate, which is the home ground of the Prime Minister himself, have voted against the refugees to be held for an indefinite time in the Manus Island and Nauru detention centers. A clear 44 percent wanted them to be settled in Australia.

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