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Baby Making After Valentines Day Means a Turkey Time Baby: Preparing for a Summer Bump & Thanksgiving Wobble

Whether conceiving on Valentine’s Day was intentional or not, trying to conceive during this time of year might mean being pregnant in the summer and fall. So, that Thanksgiving wobble will be more than just from overeating turkey and mashed potatoes.

“Valentine’s Day and the winter months are a common time for conception,” says Jennifer Butt, MD, OB/GYN with Upper East Side OB/GYN. “Women conceiving around this time of year might be expecting babies through the months of October, November, December, and go through their 2nd and 3rd trimester in the summer and fall months. I ensure my patients are equipped with helpful tips and information to stay healthy and comfortable throughout the process.”

Here are Dr. Butt’s tips for women on their pregnancy journey:

Keep pregnancy tests handy. There are many different signs and symptoms of early pregnancy, so to be sure of the result, taking a pregnancy test when you miss a period is ideal. However, if you want to test earlier, consider trying a pregnancy test kit like First Response’s “Triple Check” that includes one Early Result test that can tell you 6 days before a missed period, a digital test to follow up, and a third test to take on the day of a missed period.

Slip and slide to a summer pregnancy: Some lubricants are not fertility friendly and can hinder conception. There are some lubricants, however, that are designed to help sperm by mimicking the body’s natural lubrication. Consider using Pre-Seed, a lubricant specifically formulated to promote sperm motility.

Up your vitamin game: Even if getting pregnant or being pregnant is just a passing thought, it’s important to take a prenatal vitamin that has folic acid, omega-3 DHA, and other nutrients at least one month prior to getting pregnant.

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable: Being pregnant during the summer can be difficult, with shuffling between appointments to keeping up with healthy eating, exercise, and staying hydrated. It’s not impossible to have a comfortable pregnancy during these months, but it’s important to stay in check with how you feel and say no to any activities that may be strenuous.

“Regardless of when you’re planning to conceive, staying healthy and being prepared for the possibility of pregnancy should be a priority for any woman ready to enter their next chapter,” adds Butt.

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