Baidu’s Chief Scientist Andrew Ng Announced his Departure


On Wednesday, Andrew Ng, the chief scientist of Baidu, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIDU), announced in a blog post that he would resign from the Chinese search engine company after three years of joining the company.

Andrew Ng, a former computer science professor at Stanford University, was hired by Baidu in 2014. Before joining the Chinese Company, he was the founder of Google’s elite Deep learning team and the co-founder of Coursera, the online learning startup. In Baidu, he was working on leading the drive into artificial intelligence(AI) and augmented reality (AR) projects.

In the blog post, he said he would continue to work on the entrepreneurship and research in the artificial intelligence space. He did not mention where he is heading to next in the post.  “It’s all very amicable,” Ng said, “I’m very confident the team will thrive. In China Baidu is so far ahead and AI is not easy.”

“Andrew Ng joined Baidu with a shared goal, to improve life through artificial intelligence. Today, that goal remains strong. Thank you, and all the best on your new chapter,” Baidu said in a post on Twitter and Facebook.

Other executives are undertaking some of Ng’s responsibilities, while a replacement for Ng has not been named. The head of the Baidu’s Institute of Deep Learning, Yuanqing Lin, will run the company’s research labs both in the U.S. and in China, and Wang Haifeng, the machine translation expert, will be the new head of AI Group.

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