Bannon talks about Internal Issues with the GOP

Giving his first exclusive interview, Steve Bannon, erstwhile Chief Strategist at the White House, has given a glimpse into what can only be diplomatically described as the state of confusion within the Grand Old Party. Making a rather dramatic statement, Bannon claimed that the Republicans are trying to get the 2016 election nullified.

Statements made during CBS '60 minute' interview

The rather controversial statements were made by the ex- Chief Strategists during a media interaction with CBS news channel for their 60-minutes interview which aired over the weekend. He mentioned some specific names, particularly Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan, as spearheading the move to nullify the election that saw Donald Trump walk into the Oval Office. Bannon said that the Republicans involved in this were against Trump's populist programs to come into force at any cost.

Republicans 'embracing the establishment', claims Bannon

According to Bannon, these Republicans have opted to 'embrace the establishment' and in the process, they have chosen to go against their own President, an act that he finds unacceptable. He talked about how these Republicans are not keen to rectify the flaws within the party or its age old traditions and also pinpointed that it was heavily dependent on donors. He hinted that Trump found himself with a fairly non-cohesive team when he took up the mantle of the President.

On Trump's recent decision on DACA  

Speaking about the President's recent decision on the Dreamers' deportation situation, Bannon took a hard stance and said that the program should be eliminated completely. He indicated that this DACA program could be the very reason that the Republicans will lose the support of the House. He did admit, though, that this will not be an easy move to make or implement and that is precisely why this may not be the perfect move to make right now when Trump's presidency is still in its first year. Bannon however, reiterated what Trump has been saying all along- that there is a clear need to focus on Americans and to encourage immigrants to leave the country.

When questioned about the Russians and their alleged involvement in the Presidential elections, Bannon said that investigation in this direction was a 'waste of time'. He quickly reassured that the President was quite aware that the Russians are 'not good guys' but also said that the President's lack of comment on them is arising from his hesitation to spark off disagreements with them.

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