Barron Trump’s New School could ramp up Real Estate Prices

St. Andrew's Episcopal School will be welcoming their new student, Barron Trump, this fall. The 11 year old son of United States President Donald J. Trump will relocate with Melania, his mom, from New York's Trump Tower to the White House. This news could cause a ripple effect on real estate prices in the areas surrounding the educational institution. St. Andrew's educates students from preschool through 12th grade, with a total of 580 students. The private school is spread over 19 acres and is 20 miles from the White House.

Good school effects

It is common knowledge that high quality schools bump up real estate prices in their surrounding areas. The Potomac area where St. Andrew's is located, is considered a highly sought after area. According to Rachel Valentino of The Valentino Associates Team in Washington D.C, the school is situated near the Potomac or Bethesda border. The area has multiple superior private schools. All educational institutions are clustered within a small geographical area. A number of excellent public schools are also found. Due to this, real estate prices in Potomac are already pricey, with the average home buying price amounting to $875,000. This is much higher than other Washington localities with average real estate prices at $540,000.

According to Valentino, Barron Trump’s enrollment will bring renewed attention to St. Andrew's. The school may hike its tuition and will have more recruiting power. However, there will be almost no spillover appreciation to the homes which surround the school. A nominal price increase may occur, but not much more within the zipcode.

Real estate

Some real estate professionals are lukewarm towards the news of Barron Trump's admission to St. Andrew's. The school is private, and can thus accept students independent of where they reside. The effects could have been different has he enrolled in a public school where admissions is constrained by rigid zoning laws, requiring children to reside within the district. Only special considerations are an exception to this rule, therefore homes within the district are considered expensive.

Some agents foresee a decline in real estate prices in the Potomac region due to the increased presence of President Trump’s security detail. Traffic flow could be derailed.

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