Battle Between Presidential Candidate Heats Up In France

France will have its new president soon and just 10 days are remaining until the elections. The top line contenders are just two, Le Penn and Macron, but though Macron seems to be emerging as the popular candidate, Le Penn is not far enough behind him to make the result obvious. Both candidates are now working harder than ever before in this final phase to woo voters in a bid to strengthen their chances of coming to power. It now appears that both are trying to appeal to voters outside their own base to expand their reach in the masses.

Le Penn has conservative voters in her sights

It appears that Le Penn is focusing her energies on wooing conservative voters. This was clear from her speech during the rally at Nice. In clear divergence with her usual script, Le Penn did not give emphasis to her 'leave the Euro' intent and instead spoke at length about Macron's lack of French values. Macron's appeal to those who had earlier backed the defeated conservatives were her ammunition and she made good use of this  to point out that this was not a move worthy of a presidential candidate.

Macron promises not to take votes for granted 

Meanwhile, Macron, for his part, made sure that he showed how much he respected votes from supporters of other candidates and parties. He assured the voters that he would not take the votes of such people for granted and would, under no circumstances, look at this support as a 'carte blanche'. He went so far as to say that those who did not vote at all would actually help Le Penn win eh elections and urged everyone to exercise their right to elect their leader.

Sharp contrast in ideologies

The French election is holding a lot of interest for not just the country's people but also global citizens because it is quite unusual for two candidates with such drastically opposing ideologies to be facing off against each other in the electoral battle. The final results will be a telling report on the French public's overall feeling about relations with the outside world. Macron is pushing fro better, more open relations with the European Union, firmly believing that is country's prosperity hinges on the former. Le Penn hold the opposite view and believes that the outside world has not and will not do much for France.

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