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Beam Me Up Apple! (NASDAQ: AAPL)

Many have already seen renderings of the proposed Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) campus to be built in Cupertino, CA, which were leaked in 2011, but the second Apple Campus project was approved last month by city officials with a 2.8 million square foot property. Affectionately nicknamed “The Mothership”, Apple’s new campus resembles a giant doughnut which Steve Jobs designed to encourage collaboration. Employees will find themselves working in one side of the circle at the beginning of the day and totally different section by the end.

The shape of this mammoth project is not the only innovation Apple is packing in to this huge structure. Many claim that this is one of the most environmentally sustainable projects of its size in the world. Running completely on renewable energy, the main circular building will be equipped with natural ventilation and radiant cooling which enables it to run with no A/C 70% of the year.

It seems the main purpose of the futuristic office space is to work efficiency and collaboration. Those lucky enough to be working at this location will enjoy features like the 2000 capacity garage, 40 ft floor to ceiling windows, a 90,000 sq ft cafeteria leading to a vast green field, futuristic entrance and an underground auditorium. Employees will also be hidden from curious eyes by a ring of trees surrounding the complex also lending a peaceful tranquility for workers during breaks. Apple contends that the new campus, “a serene environment reflecting Apple’s brand values of innovation, ease of use and beauty.”

With an ever growing price tag of $5 billion, Apple and its shareholders will expect a tremendous jump in productivity from engineers, R&D and all others occupying the campus upon its opening.