"Behind the Buzz" Show: CEL-SCI Corporation (NYSE: CVM) Director and CEO Geert Kersten | Financial Buzz

“Behind the Buzz” Show: CEL-SCI Corporation (NYSE: CVM) Director and CEO Geert Kersten

Financialbuzz.com’s Latest Behind the Buzz Show: Exclusive Interview with Director and Chief Executive Officer Geert R. Kersten of CEL-SCI Corporation Live at the Bio CEO & Investor Conference

CEL-SCI Corporation (NYSE: CVM) believes that boosting a cancer patient’s immune system while it is still intact should provide the greatest possible impact on survival. Therefore, in the Phase 3 study CEL-SCI treated newly diagnosed patients with advanced primary head and neck cancer with its investigational product Multikine right after diagnosis, BEFORE they received surgery, radiation and/or chemotherapy, the current standard of care for this indication. This approach is unique. Most other cancer immunotherapies are administered only after surgery etc. have been tried and/or failed. Multikine (Leukocyte Interleukin, Injection), has received Orphan Drug designation from the FDA for neoadjuvant therapy in patients with squamous cell carcinoma (cancer) of the head and neck.

Geert R. Kersten – Director and Chief Executive Officer
Geert Kersten has served in his current leadership role at CEL-SCI since 1995. Mr. Kersten has been with CEL-SCI from the early days of its inception since 1987. He has been involved in the pioneering field of cancer immunotherapy for almost two decades and has successfully steered CEL-SCI through many challenging cycles in the biotechnology industry.  Mr. Kersten also provides CEL-SCI with significant expertise in the fields of finance and law and has a unique vision of how the company’s Multikine® product will change the way cancer is treated. Prior to CEL-SCI, Mr. Kersten worked at the law firm of Finley & Kumble and worked at Source Capital, an investment banking firm located in McLean, VA. He is a native of Germany, graduated from Millfield School in England, and completed his studies in the US. Mr. Kersten completed his Undergraduate Degree in Accounting, received an M.B.A. from George Washington University, and a law degree (J.D.) from American University in Washington, DC. Mr. Kersten is also the inventor of a patent on the potential use of Multikine in managing cholesterol.

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