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“Behind the Buzz” Show: Hill Street Beverage Co. (TSX-V: BEER) Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

FinancialBuzz.com’s latest Behind the Buzz Show: Hill Street Beverage Co. Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Hill Street Beverage Co Inc. (TSX-V: BEER) believes in supporting folks who suffer from conditions that conflict with alcohol consumption, along with friends who simply have no interest in boozing (yes, we know you’re out there). Today there are over 400 medications that come with a bright yellow ‘DO NOT TAKE WITH ALCOHOL’ warning, and when those little pills are the only things keeping you around, you tend to listen.

Terry Donnelly

Chairman / Chief Executive Officer

“I’d been up and down the business world for thirty years when I got the news that my liver wasn’t keeping pace. Nothing to do with alcohol, but one of those conditions that gets worse with every drink. Not a great piece of news for someone with a killer Scotch collection. When I was asked to help build Hill Street, it seemed like all the stars aligned perfectly; great products, great team, great causes. After my family, I hope that people look at Hill Street’s legacy as the greatest achievement of my life’s work.”

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