Bernie Sanders attempts to block $85 billion AT&T and Time Warner Merger

Bernie Sanders requested that the Justice Department block the merger between the two companies on Wednesday. In a letter to the Justice Department’s antitrust division, he stated that this combination could result in a “gross concentration of power” in new media, and suggested that halting the deal would help “preserve our democratic discourse and open competitive markets for speech and commerce.” “This proposed merger is just the latest effort to shrink our media landscape, strifle competition and diversity of content, and provide consumers with less while charging them more,” Sanders said.

Last week on October 22nd, AT&T and Time Warner announced the deal approved by both boards unanimously. The mobile company will pay 107.50 per share in a cash and stock transaction. Legislators may not approve of another huge corporate tie-up. Presidential Republican candidate Donald Trump has stated his administration would not approve this deal.

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