Bernie Sanders May Appear at Rally with Hillary Clinton in Portsmouth on Tuesday

Vermont Senator and Liberal Democrat Bernie Sanders has reportedly called a truce with presumptive Democratic nominee in the Presidential race, Hillary Clinton. He is expected to appear with Hillary Clinton at a rally in Portsmouth, to push the latter’s nomination.

The move comes at an apt time. The Republican nominee, Donald Trump has stepped up his attacks on Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton will need all the help she can get to counter Trump’s venom. Bernie’s endorsement will come as a relief to the beleaguered former secretary of state, who is under a lot of pressure from Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton expected to bag Democratic nomination at Philadelphia convention

Hillary Clinton has the required number of delegates to win the Democrat presidential nomination at the Democrat convention which is going to be held in Philadelphia later this month. If Bernie Sanders appears with Hillary Clinton at the event, it would do much to appease Sanders’s supporters, many of whom are still sitting on the fence about supporting Hillary Clinton.

Bernie Sanders has not yet officially endorsed Hillary Clinton, a fact which makes the event in Portsmouth even more crucial. Ironically, the rally is being held in New Hampshire, where Sanders had defeated Clinton by 22 points in a closely contested primary in February. Hillary Clinton’s office has already rescheduled two similar events, one with President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, due to the Orlando and Dallas shooting.

Joint appearance at a rally implies the two sides have buried the hatchet on a number of issues

The two camps have reportedly reached a compromise after weeks on policy issues. The results are already there for everyone to see. Just last week, Hillary Clinton announced that her government will eliminate tuition at in-state public colleges and universities for families with incomes less than $125,000 (free education was a key platform of Bernie Sanders).

She has also moved closer to her former rival on health care, calling on Congress to support more funding for community health clinics and making pro people changes to the affordable care act.

Sanders hails Hillary for paying heed to the demands of the masses

Bernie Sanders appreciated the move and said it would address critical problems in primary health care. But he has also had his share of losses. The most recent one is a failed attempt to stall congressional approval to President Obama’s pet project- the Trans Pacific Partnership, a 12 nation trading bloc.

Hillary Clinton has a similar view of the agreement. When she was Secretary of State, he had supported it but during her primary campaigns, she backtracked and said that she wanted the agreement to include more measures to protect American jobs and environment.

Thanks to the changes, many of Bernie Sanders’ supporters have already shifted their loyalties to Hillary Clinton, with up to 45% of them saying that they now saw her in a more positive light. It may also be because of Donald Trump, who they see as boorish and misogynistic.

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