Best Places to Live Post Retirement


When it comes to places to live after retirement, weather plays an equally important role as housing prices and cost of health care. The latter's quality is also important. As per these parameters, the top American metropolises are Austin and San Antonio in Texas, San Francisco in California, Salt Lake City in Utah, and Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. Among all these five cities, Austin appears top-ranked and finds maximum mention in most lists. The city's allure lies in its almost perfect climate, quality living at affordable prices, and a thriving restaurant scene.

Salt Lake City and San Antonio

Other than Austin, Utah's Salt Lake City was the sole other urban agglomeration to appear in almost all the lists compiled in this particular subject. The city is known for high-quality hospitals and affordable housing. It is a bonus that the place is also a skiing hot spot. The city has also a major airport. Pittsburgh is the surprise entry for its premium quality health care at the University of Pittsburgh. It helps that living expenses are also much lower in the city.

When it comes to affordability, San Antonio with its sun is found to be the cheapest. The taxes are less and the median rent much less than other comparable cities. The median rent in the city of San Antonio every month is calculated to be $1,450.

San Francisco and high living expenses

San Francisco is an expected rank holder. The metropolis has plenty to offer to its residents. The weather is beautiful. The city, however, is suitable only for the high heeled; the living expenses are too high. Even then, SF made it to almost all the lists which offered a selection of the best US metropolises to live in.

There are a number of arguments when it comes to choosing the best Florida city. Florida's cities have consistently made it to the top 10 places to live post-retirement. Another most named state is Texas, with its cities finding frequent mention in the lists. According to retirement specialists, it is no mystery why Texas and Florida both are popular. Both states share the same factors in the context of seniors: a warmer climate and zero state income tax. It is to be mentioned that although people want to reside in warmer areas, they now concentrate more on activities like golfing and other similar activities.

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