Better Air North America LLC Wins Gold Award at 2018 Women World Awards

Better Air North America, LLC (
was named a Gold Winner in the “Startup of the Year” category at the
2018 Women World Awards. Formed in 2014, Better Air was recognized for
its Enviro-Biotics™ line of probiotics, designed to purify the air
quality inside a home, office or other public areas.

Better Air’s Enviro-Biotics™ line of probiotics systems bring balance to
indoor environments by nourishing them with probiotics that are
distributed directly into the air and settle on hard and soft surfaces.
These probiotics have been shown to become the dominant microbe in the
treated zones, which may lower the risk of eventual outbreak from mold
or other pathogens. Better Air’s natural, chemical-free and
environmentally friendly compound provides a natural solution to treat
the area. Better Air’s product line of probiotics-based air and surface
purifier systems includes a handheld spray-bottle application as well as
four models for residential use and for commercial use.

Taly Dery, CEO of Better Air North America LLC, said, “Industry awards
such as this help us validate the approach that we have taken to ensure
that a proper environmental balance of microflora is maintained within
the spaces where people live and work, and spend 90 percent of their
time. We believe in the power of probiotics to serve as an important and
effective complement to existing cleaning technology for residential and
commercial spaces. This honor helps us spread the word to key
stakeholders regarding the promise of our technology to make a positive
impact on the wellbeing of individuals.”

More than 80 judges from a broad spectrum of industry voices from around
the world participated and their average scores determined the 2018
award winners. The coveted annual CEO Women World Awards program
encompasses the world’s best in leadership, innovation, organizational
performance, new products and services, and milestones from every
industry in the world.

About the Women World Awards

Women World Awards (
are an annual industry and peers recognition program honoring women in
business and the professions and organizations of all types and sizes in
North America, Europe, Middle-East, Africa, Asia-Pacific, and
Latin-America. The Annual Women World Awards is part of the SVUS Awards®
recognition program from Silicon Valley in the United States of America
which also includes other programs such as CEO World Awards, among

About Better Air North America, LLC

Better Air North America, LLC (
is a biotechnology company selling Environmental Probiotics-based
purification systems that bring microbial balance to indoor
environments by nourishing them with Enviro-Probiotics™.
BetterAir’s patented technology works on a microscopic level and
repetitively releases billions of micron-sized probiotics to purify the
air and clean surfaces and objects, resulting in a healthy indoor
microbiome, odor elimination and enhancing wellbeing. BetterAir is the
only technology in the world that automatically cleans air ducts in both
homes and buildings. Using BetterAir purifiers helps in enhancing and
improving indoor air quality and prolongs the cleanliness of hard
surfaces. In addition, BetterAir can aid in the reduction and prevention
of bad odors caused by microbial contamination.

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