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Beyond Meat Launching Two New Meatless Burgers

Beyond Meat (NASDAQ: BYND), plant-based meat maker, has revealed that it will be presenting two new versions of its Beyond Burger in the near future. The new options will provide customers with a larger selection and will be available nationwide by 2021.

The Beyond 35 offers 35% less total fat as well as 35% less saturated fat than the normal 80/20 ground beef. Additionally, the Beyond 55 similarly has 35% less total fat but also offers 55% less saturated fat. The company revealed both options will contain B vitamins and minerals similar to beef, but has yet to detail the new burgers nutritional analysis.

Beyond Meat, like others meat substitute companies, have faced criticism for being portrayed as healthier options. Experts advise that consumers think of the plant-based burgers as a treat, just like they would a beef burger. 

Nevertheless, CEO and Founder Ethan Brown, views the adjustments to the new burgers as a step closer to perfection. Brown hopes that the healthier options will reduce backlash in regards to the products. 

“If you’re starting with a blank canvas and you are saying we can create a burger that is better for people and for the planet, you do need to be responsible and you need to think about how you can reduce the overall levels of saturated fats,” Brown said. “What’s the perfect burger? I think in this case it’s really around continuing to collapse the gaps in sensory experience between our burgers and 80/20 ground beef. So then it’s just truly indistinguishable. That is the Holy Grail. And then once we get there, it will be to continue to iterate around other parts of the platform such as beef, steak and everything else.”

Shares have skyrocketed 66% throughout 2020 and the company has a current market value of USD7.88 Billion. The stock rose less than 1% during premarket trading on Monday.