Biden says Trump is Danger to American Security

Joseph R. Biden Junior, the Vice-President of the United States has warned the American public on August 15 that the Republican presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump, had markedly increased the dangers which confront US allies and the country’s military allies spread all over the world. On his trip to Serbia and Kosovo in the second week of August, Biden said that he was forced to reassure America’s allies that the US would honor all commitments made to NATO. This was important as Trump has repeatedly said that the arrangement will be reassessed if he was elected to the highest position in US politics. 

Biden also ventured into personal territory when he mentioned Beau, his son who died from brain cancer in 2015. The VP said that if his son were still serving in Iraq, his advise to him would be the fact that danger has risen manifold due to remarks made by Trump. The Republican nominee also said that President Barack Obama “founded” Islamic State. The VP said that there was no limit to what Trump can get down to.

Biden reminded everyone that Trump has mentioned a marked fondness for dictators like Saddam Hussein. He said that the latter would have loved Stalin and repeatedly reminded his audience of what they are going to lose if Trump was elected. He said that if his son had tried to enlist under a Trump administration, the VP would have stopped him from doing so. 

Biden has positioned himself as a figure who could argue, both personally and as a political figure, hat Trump, even before the election, has imperiled the nation which he aspires to be president of. It also provides a glimpse of the campaign that may never happen. The candidate for the presidency who will interact with the audience in his own imitable folksy manner and in a practiced but appear unpracticed way of talking- and who lost the chance to be a president for Hillary Clinton.

This does not mean Biden is not endorsing Clinton. In fact, just the opposite. He collected the zeal to speak eloquently about US sacrifice and greatness. Biden even assures his audience that Clinton has the potential to become the US president, even if she does not exhibit it all the time. In a sentence, Biden has become the loyal Democratic lieutenant, and is careful in rousing Democrats to vote in her favor.

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